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Our clients

In this part are listed clients of the public relations company ‘Rezonanse Plus’ (the biggest part, but not all of them) with whom goes on regular cooperation till now or those clients with whom were made particular projects in the recent three years.

img. international real estate company

img. debt collection

img. insurance brokers

img. credit management service

img. real estate broker's closed-type union

img. espresso-cappuccino bar’s chain

img. multi-industry holding company

img. Pasaules Optika network of optics-salons

img. World famous Pirelli Calendar

img. sushi maker

img. aircraft tests's laboratory

img. drinking water deliveries

img. aluminium alloys production

img. kitchen producer

img. network of optics-laboratories

img. Latvijas tilti bridges and crossovers construction

img. real estate development

img. themed forum foe parents

img. security services company

img. multi-industry investment holding

img. industrial park development

img. telecommunications solutions

img. Latvian Representative Office of the largest bank of Kyrgys Repurblic sounds better

img. real estate company

img. independent investment services company

img. investment bank

img. measurement of the vibration

img. destination management services

img. charity

img. passenger bus services

img. container cargo services

img. nuts and dry fruit processing

img. jewelry and watches

img. encyclopedia Who is who in Latvia

img. tax and law consulting, accounting

img. accessories for cars

img. ferro-concrete constructions production

img. purchase and processing of black and nonferrous scrap metals

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